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14K White Gold Assorted Charms


NEW CHARMS presented by VSC Jewelry


w20527starfish-th.jpg (4779 bytes)
19x20 mm
2.0 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

17x19 mm
2.8 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)
w20519frog-th.jpg (4538 bytes)
23x21 mm
2.9 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

35x28 mm
3.6 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

      11025        17x19 mm     4.2 grams   $177.95addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

w20509mask-th.jpg (3724 bytes)
31x29 mm
3.2 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

17x19 mm
1.7 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

16x16 mm
2.6 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

17x19 mm
3.0 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

w20512italian_horn-th.jpg (2212 bytes)
42x7 mm
7.3 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

  11023       19x10 mm    3.0 grams $129.95 addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

w20510cat_sleeping-th.jpg (2017 bytes)
21x18 mm
2.6 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

w20508teddybear-th.jpg (1987 bytes)
23x13 mm
2.6 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

w20511deerhead-th.jpg (1944 bytes)
29x17 mm
2.3 grams

addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

  11021        19x15 mm     1.8 grams $81.95
addtocart.jpg (848 bytes)

These beautiful 14K
white gold charms are all hand carved in exquisite detail, molds made, and cast in the highest quality 14K white gold and then each charm is hand polished.  They have soldered bails for your protection.  Featured in this group are a starfish charm, horse charm, frog charm, sand dollar charm, floating heart charm, mask charm, porpoise charm, dolphin charm, clam shell charm, teddy bear charm, deer head and antlers charm, and a comical cat charm.   A free gift box is provided with each charm.  Click here to buy a chain for this charm.

Actual size of each charm is also shown below each charm in millimeters and also on enlargement pages.  Sizes shown include bail.  For your information, 25 millimeters is approximately one inch

Charms are shown approximately at actual size when viewed in an 800x600 browser

Click here to go to new charm index


Don't miss our newest addition.......nearly 100 new lockets of every description.  We have white gold lockets, cameo lockets, and much more.  Click here to view this fabulous new collection.

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Our mission is to be your reliable and dependable online jeweler, one you can trust who will always give you superior customer service.  Read some of our customer testimonials and see for yourselves that you can always count on us. If you don't find what you want on these pages, we welcome your call or e-mail and we will find it for you.

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 14K white gold charms. cat charm, teddy bear charm, dolphin charm, horse charm, frog charm, Italian horn charm, heart charm, starfish charm, sand dollar charm, clam shell charm