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14K Gold Mariner Chains



Shown are our solid 14K gold puff mariner chains and solid mariner in assorted styles and  sizes.  This elegant chain is is one of our most popular designs with the puff mariner chains having a much lighter weight for the gold area exposed.  The links are hollow, and save you a lot of money.  Solid mariner chains are not hollow, and this is reflected in the gold weight for the various mm sizes.

The weights shown are for 18" chains.  All chains have heavy duty lobster claw clasps and are hand polished and presented in a lovely gift box.  These quality 14k gold chains are available in all sizes as shown below.  22" and 30" can be special ordered.    Our chains are manufactured in Italy are the finest made Italian chains available.  As with all our chains,  the quality shows in the perfection of the hand finishing.  This sets the chains aside from the store bought discount chains.   Click on the picture to view the chains enlarged for detail.  Shown below are the sizes available and ordering instructions.  


Chains as shown do not represent actual thickness.  Refer to mm widths for size.
All weights shown on chains are approximate gram weight for the 18" length

   This chain usually ships in 10-14 business days.

code 18" 18" 16" 16" 20" 20" 24" 24" 7" 7" code
  wt. price wt. price wt. price wt. price wt. price  
PM50 14.1 267.90 12.5 237.90 15.6 296.90 18,8 357.90 5.5 104.90 PM50
PM70 19.9 378.90 17.8 338.90 22.2 421.90 26.7 507.90 7.8 148.90 PM70
PM90 27.1 514.90 24.2 459.90 30.2 573.90 36.3 689.90 10.6 201.90 PM90
SM45 18.0 342.90 16.0 304.90 20.0 379.90 24.0 456.90 7.0 133.90 SM45
SM35 12.0 228.90 10.7 203.90 13.4 254.90 16.6 305.90 4.7 89.90 SSM35

To order, click on the order button below to go to a printable order form which you can fax.  You can also call us toll free at 1-877-890-GOLD to order any chain.  Watch for our shopping cart for our new, expanded chain section soon.

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